Welcome to Assassins of Old's forum!!!

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Welcome to Assassins of Old's forum!!!

Post by Whobrey on Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:00 am

I'm excited to announce the start of the Assassin's of Old's very own forum. I'm also glad to see how quickly we are growing. I originally started Assassins of Old so I could quickly interact with players I enjoy playing ESO with. The guild grew to around 18 within the first few days. After a week of questing and exploring ESO, I realized that you could become a werewolf or vampire. I spent days waiting for full moons, and searching for a bite. After shortly realizing how many people were using this rare bite to scam other players and make money off of these bites. I decided to turn the tables and make free bites a main focus of my guild. Within 36 hours, we grew from 18 members to a whopping 70. We've had some set backs due to glitches in the game and players running off with the bite, but we still have one bite to pass around. The primary focus of this guild however, is to create a group of friendly, sociable people, for us to further more enjoy ESO. Our guild is open for anyone to join but any reported behavior of someone scamming with their bite, spamming players for their bite, or any other action I find to be unacceptable, will cause the player to receive a warning or be kicked, depending on the severeness of the behavior reported. If you have any questions at all, feel free to message me through the forum, Xbox, or ESO. Welcome to Assassins of Old, glad to have you!

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